Festival & 5K Run

Agricultural Pavilion, Corner of Georgia Hwy 313 & Rebecca Road in Sylvester, Worth County
General Admission 9:00am – 4:00pm, Schedule of Activities & Times are subject to Change
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In the Pavilion

Adoption Parades every Hour!Best Beggar Contest
Look-a-Like Contest
Longest Tail Contest
Singing Contest

Worth County High School & Middle School Chorus & Jazz Band – Performances throughout the Day

Obedience Training Demonstrations – Throughout the Day

Peanut Butter Lick Contest
Rollover Contest
Musical Sit Contest

Two auctions scheduled during the afternoon

Doggie Diva Fashion Show
Best Trick Competition
Dog-Gone Best in Show Awards
Drawings for Raffles!

Outside the Pavilion

BFHS Mutt Maze
Adoption Options
Puppy Pen & Kitty Korner



8:00 AM
5k Run Begins

Check-In Starts @ 6:30 AM
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At the Pond

Healthy Pet StationDoggie Olympics
Doggie Limbo
Dunking for (Hot) Dogs
Leave It
Musical Hoops
Ring around the Rosie
Red Light, Green Light
Dressed & Ready, Relay
Bringing in the Paper
Where’s the Duckie?
Who’s a Shedder?
Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off
Obedience Baseball